Dumex Launches MyBeautiful9.com Web Society for Moms-to-be in Thailand



Dumex wanted to be the ultimate destination for moms and mom’s to be. Its first step was to create a social network website, www.mybeatiful9.com, the first of its kind in Thailand, allowing all new moms to record and share their pregnancy memories with one another throughout those beautiful 9 months of motherhood. Besides what could be perceived as the most credible and influential website and community for moms, the campaign also aimed to increase the number of registered members, traffic of unique visitors, and fans on the Facebook fan page here. In the end, Dumex had an undeniable influence on maternity and motherly love for all Thai women with the ‘My Beautiful 9’ campaign.


Under the simple insight, ‘I want to give my baby the best start in life. It enables me to be a better and prouder mom’, the campaign sought ought the best solution for both the baby and the mother. In addition, Dumex hoped to give moms a place to show and share their stories and all the little details that go into becoming the perfect mother. For the most discerning and thoughtful mom, a normal website wasn’t simply going to cut it. Dumex launched the most trusted source providing an expansive range of topics, tools, activities, and every kind of information possible for all mother’s to decide and judge, a wonderful way to win their trust. The Better Mom Club was created also to savor the changing months from being a woman to a mom.

As a way to win the hearts and minds of all soon to be and real mother’s in the country, Dumex released a deeply moving short video clip here based on the true life and miracle story of one of its BMC members, who is only 3 months away from being a mommy after 6 years of trying. Video seeding, Facebook, and the social network helped drive awareness and traffic to the primary website and simple registration process of no less than one minute.


Shortly after the debut of the main website last month and a can’t-miss collaboration with Momypedia here (you’d actually think Dumex created this one too), the ‘My Beautiful 9’ was a big hit immediately afterwards. Viewers can also imagine the impact the single video clip generated among mothers around the campaign sparking great interest. The ‘My Beautiful 9’ is equipped with the essential tools and interesting features in a single perfectly comprised website including but not limited to an online diary to follow stories and favorite Dumex moms’ journals, pregnancy timeline to jot milestones and footprints, mom’s communities, and online tools ensuring the health of future babies to record their heart beats, upload ultrasound photos, weekly medical checkups, baby kick counts, among other things.


Far from being an ordinary platform, ‘My Beautiful 9’ was successful in embodying those mommy moments more eloquently than any other website and/or brand. Within 3 weeks, video clips compiled from YouTube and leading video portal sites totaled 150,000 views. In the first month flat, the website gained 2,400 members and continues to grow on a daily basis.

Agency: mInteraction

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