Oreo Freeze Smile




Product: Oreo Ice Cream Orange

Brand: Oreo

Campaign Name: Oreo Freeze Smile



Aim: We introduced the “Oreo Ice Cream Orange” new flavor by giving away samples via a vending machine in one of Thailand’s favorite shopping malls. Consumers went to the vending machine, snapped photos, and in return received the freezing cool wind experience blowing in their hair and a free bag of Oreo goodness. The challenge was we needed to execute it with a digital strategy. The concept of “Freeze Smile” interpreted the freezing cool feeling from the ice cream like filling of the cookie and to make sure this unique attribute would be communicated to fans. Simply put, the main question was, ‘How do you get people to try and experience it?’


Under the primary insight, Thais love to socialize and sharing photos and stories with family and friends on Facebook, we developed a strategy that called for a digital space (Facebook) to raise awareness of a new product in real time on the ground by passing out free samples in a high traffic area where Oreo could both be integrated online and offline. The newly introduced flavor would utilize a vending machine implemented at Central World, Bangkok’s most popular shopping mall.


We launched the “Oreo Freeze Smile” application to support the photos from the vending machine. After consumers took “Freeze Smile” photos, they were sent to the application gallery, by which consumers then signed in to Facebook and viewed their photos. They could save their photos to Facebook album and/or share them on the news feed. Consumers also received email confirmation with the link to their photos in Facebook.


We stored the vending machine at 1st floor event zone at Central Lad Prao for the 1st two weeks and rotated the vending machine to Central World at 7th floor movie zone for the rest of the campaign.


We launched the viral video after at the second week of the campaign to invite consumers to the location where the vending machine was located. The video was launched through the following channels, YouTube, Oreo’s fan page, Kapook Pre-roll video and Facebook mass Face page making the experience not only yummy and social but inducing excitement.


Application: http://apps.facebook.com/freezesmile

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/oreo

YouTube Video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bF8MFaMTSwg


The results were better than we imagined. In one month, here are the following results.




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