Srichand Powder | The First Love Drama Story on Facebook



Srichand Power has only 4,000 Facebook fan on brand page. The brand has very low engagement and awareness on the brand online. Since the brand has been around for 60 years, young target seem not really know the brand. The main Objective is to increase brand awareness, engagement and uplift brand equity.


First time in Thailand, Facebook Love Story.

We know that Thais love drama story so we brought the entertainment value through creative storytelling. Using cross channel with key influencers, we then created the love story by daramtizing the storyline of real Thai beauty women who named “Srichand” and “OrkPhayaHongThong, Facebook influencers who has the same character of traditional Thai, to create outstanding role play on Facebook .


The result is magnificent.

No. of Impression : Over 18 million Impressions

Reach : Over 2 Million people

Facebook Likes : Increased 17,000 fans

Moreover we gained PR value and appraises from many marketers

Facebook Page ออกพญา

Facebook Page ผงหอมศรีจันทร์

Agency: Newmediaplus


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